Jacob Kroh Sr + Catharine Haupt

Children  ‎(4 children)‎
Benewell Kroh ‎(I1443)‎
Birth 15 January 1822 21 20 , Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 13 May 1900 ‎(Age 78)‎ Pine Creek Township, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA
Jacob Kroh Jr ‎(I1451)‎
Birth 16 December 1826 25 25 Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 21 February 1893 ‎(Age 66)‎ , Armstrong, Pennsylvania, USA
Sarah Kroh ‎(I1459)‎
Birth 8 October 1831 30 30 Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 2 December 1908 ‎(Age 77)‎ Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA
Henry Kroh ‎(I1461)‎
Birth 1834 33 32 Pine Creek Township, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 12 September 1892 ‎(Age 58)‎ Winslow Township, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA

Parents Grandparents
Jacob Kroh Sr ‎(I1445)‎
Birth 1801 20 19 Upper Mahanoy Township, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 20 July 1877 ‎(Age 76)‎ Winslow Township, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA
Abraham Kroh ‎(I1457)‎
Birth 1781 , , Maryland, USA
Death 1850 ‎(Age 69)‎
Hannah Cross ‎(I1458)‎
Birth 1782
Death 1850 ‎(Age 68)‎

Catharine Haupt ‎(I1446)‎
Birth 8 October 1801 Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 11 May 1872 ‎(Age 70)‎ Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA

Family Group Information   (F524)
Marriage about 1820
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Jacob and Catherine ‎(Haupt)‎ Kroh, parents of Mrs. Levi Schuckers, were born in Northumberland county, Pa., and at an early day settled in Jefferson county, where they spent the remainder of their lives. He had a farm in Winslow township, and besides looking after its cultivation followed lumbering and operated a gristmill. He died in 1876, when seventy-five years old, and his wife passed away in May, 1872, aged seventy-two years. They are buried in the Brookville cemetery. They were Lutherans in religious connection, and Mr. Kroh was a Republican in politics. Of their seven children, Beneval was a farmer in Pinecreek township; Sarah married Peter Baum, a farmer of that township; Jacob, deceased, was a farmer in Armstrong county. Pa.; Angeline married John B. Snyder, and both are deceased; Henry, deceased, was a farmer; Catherine J. married George Jordan, a hotel man of Perrysville, Pa; Elizabeth is the wife of Levi Schuckers.


JEFFERSONIAN DEMOCRAT, Brookville, PA - March 21, 1907

Levi Schuckers, of Winslow township, had business in Brookville on Monday, and made us a short call.

BROCKWAY ‎(PA)‎ RECORD - March 5, 1920 ‎(reprinted from REYNOLDSVILLE STAR)‎