Gerson Doney Sr + Catharine "Kate" Dunkelberger

Children  ‎(1 child)‎
Salome Doney ‎(I1464)‎
Birth 24 October 1844 28 29 Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 28 February 1933 ‎(Age 88)‎ Pine Creek Township, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA

Parents Grandparents
Gerson Doney Sr ‎(I1468)‎
Birth December 1815 Shamokin, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 26 January 1891 ‎(Age 75)‎ Emerickville, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA

Catharine "Kate" Dunkelberger ‎(I1469)‎
Birth 2 April 1815 Emerickville, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 7 September 1874 ‎(Age 59)‎ Emerickville, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA

Family Group Information   (F537)
Marriage 1832 Shamokin, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, USA

Note: Daughter of Christopher Dunkelberger and Catherine Reichart Dunkelberger. Married Gerson Doney, Sr., 1832, in Shamokin, Northumberland County, PA. 8 Children: Catharine‎(Neel)‎, John D., Daniel D., Emanuel, Mary Elizabeth ‎(Endress)‎, Salome ‎(Mowry)‎, William F. and Gerson, Jr.
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