Thomas Caldwell Stuart Boyd + Sarah Jane Corbett ‎(itt)‎

Children  ‎(3 children)‎
Nancy "Nannie" Boyd ‎(I2125)‎
Birth 4 July 1872 41 21 Pickens County, Indian Territory, United States
Death 7 March 1946 ‎(Age 73)‎ Ardmore, Carter, Oklahoma, United States
Rachel Caroline "Callie" Boyd ‎(I2285)‎
Birth 9 November 1877 47 26 Boyd's Oil Springs, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, USA
Death 24 November 1937 ‎(Age 60)‎ Ardmore, Carter, Oklahoma, USA
Thomas "Tommie" Boyd ‎(I2317)‎
Birth 1879 48 27 Pickens, Indian Territory, USA

Parents Grandparents
Thomas Caldwell Stuart Boyd ‎(I2122)‎
Birth 31 July 1830 33 20 Near Martyn Mission/Sw Holly Springs, Monroe, Mississippi, USA
Death 7 July 1890 ‎(Age 59)‎ Paris, Lamar, Texas, USA
James M Boyd ‎(I2312)‎
Birth 22 January 1797 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland, GBR
Death 27 February 1864 ‎(Age 67)‎ Poteau, , Indian Territory, USA
Nancy Mahota Love ‎(I2313)‎
Birth 1810 53 19 Holly Springs, Marshall, Mississippi, USA
Death 20 August 1869 ‎(Age 59)‎ Powell, Indian Territory, USA

Sarah Jane Corbett ‎(itt)‎ ‎(I2118)‎
Birth 30 June 1851 24 18 Bedford, Tennessee, United States
Death 20 June 1885 ‎(Age 33)‎ Boyd's Oil Springs, Indian Territory ‎(OK)‎
James Nelson Corbett ‎(itt)‎ ‎(I1899)‎
Birth 20 February 1827 39 34 Shelbyville, Bedford, Tennessee, United States
Death 11 September 1885 ‎(Age 58)‎ Boyd's Oil Springs, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, USA
Priscilla Jane Arnold ‎(I1900)‎
Birth 3 September 1832 36 33 Bedford, Tennessee, United States
Death 3 April 1873 ‎(Age 40)‎ Cooke, Texas, United States

Family Group Information   (F749)
Marriage 22 March 1871 , Pickens, Oklahoma, USA

Show Details Note: Thomas Boyd, who owned the Oil Springs east of Berwyn. He was Chickasaw Indian, and his wife Sarah Corbett was white.


Long before the arrival of the Five Tribes, Plains Indians were attracted to Oklahoma's oil springs and seeps, because crude petroleum outcropped into bodies of water or upon land. The oily liquids and deposits were collected and used as lubricants and cure-alls. Reports of "medicine springs" by Chickasaw agents during the 1840s and 1850s attracted Texans, Arkansans, and others seeking to relieve rheumatism and other ailments. The springs also focused outside attention upon Oklahoma's potential as an oil-producing region. Such interest led to the formation of the Chickasaw Oil Company in 1872.

Members of the Five Tribes established commercial spas to accommodate those who wished to soak in the oil springs' supposed healing waters. A popular Cherokee Nation resort was New Spring Place near Oaks in present Delaware County. Maytubby Springs and Boyd Springs were two of the many Chickasaw Nation sites. Maytubby Springs, located in present Atoka County northwest of Caddo, included a hotel that was built circa 1889. Boyd Springs was a favorite camping place along Oil Creek in Johnston County. There natural gas was tapped by simply driving a tube into the ground. The escaping gas was ignited to provide illumination and warmth.
Jon D. May

Note: Marriage performed under tribal license, Chickasaw Nation.
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