John W Massey + Juel Boyd

Children  ‎(2 children)‎
Bennie Washington Massey ‎(I2291)‎
Birth 9 September 1899 27 19 Berwyn, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, USA
Death 8 August 1979 ‎(Age 79)‎ Oklahoma, United States
Rubey Massey ‎(I2367)‎
Birth 20 September 1903 31 23 Berwyn, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, USA
Death 11 December 1997 ‎(Age 94)‎

Parents Grandparents
John W Massey ‎(I2290)‎
Birth 30 July 1872 Clinton, Van Buren, Arkansas, USA
Death 27 December 1908 ‎(Age 36)‎ Gene Autry, Carter, Oklahoma, USA

Juel Boyd ‎(I2289)‎
Birth 9 January 1880 29 24 , Tishomingo, Oklahoma, USA
Death 11 September 1959 ‎(Age 79)‎ Muskogee, Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA
Benjamin F Boyd ‎(I2288)‎
Birth 27 December 1850 53 40 Mississippi, USA
Death February 1884 ‎(Age 33)‎ Arnoldville, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, USA
Louisa Josephine Corbett ‎(itt)‎ ‎(I2287)‎
Birth 1856 28 23 Tennessee, USA
Death 26 January 1916 ‎(Age 60)‎ Gene Autry, Carter, Oklahoma, USA

Family Group Information   (F824)
Marriage 1 January 1899 Berwyn, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, USA

Show Details Note: A History of the State of Oklahoma, Volume 2, By Luther B. Hill · 1909

On January 1 1899 Mr Massey wedded Miss Juel Boyd daughter of Benjamin F and Losie Corbett Boyd. Mrs Massey was born at Tishomingo, Indian territory, on the 9th of January 1880 and received her education at Bloomfield Seminary and All Hallows Academy, Wichita Kansas. Her father, who was a Mississippian, was born in Marshall county, December 27 1850, and received his education at Cane Hill, Arkansas, his marriage to Miss Corbett occurring October 3 1873. He acquired great influence in the Chickasaw Nation of which he was a citizen for many years. In 1876 he was elected county judge of Pickens county and was also sheriff for a term of four years, being the only official against whom charges were never preferred. He was of a happy, even jovial, disposition, but of absolute integrity and substantial ability. Benjamin E Boyd was a son of James M Boyd, who was of Scotch descent and married Nancy Love of the family which has been so prominent in the establishment and development of the Chickasaw Nation. The grandfather is said to have been the first white man to intermarry with that nation. He and his family came from Mississippi to Fort Smith Arkansas in 1855 and thence to Pickens county in 1860. Mr and Mrs John V Massey became the parents of two children, as follows: Bennie W born September 9 1899 and Rubey Massey born September 20 1903.

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