Nora Kauffman  ‎(I1886)‎
Given Names: Nora
Surname: Kauffman

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: 1890 Ohio, United States
Death: 1990 ‎(Age 100)‎
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 1890 Ohio, United States

Death 1990 ‎(Age 100)‎
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Immediate Family  (F645)
George Samuel Heath
1877 -
Mildred Lucretia Heath
1907 - 1963

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Close Relatives
Family with George Samuel Heath
George Samuel Heath ‎(I1885)‎
Birth 1877 Ohio, United States
Death Yes
13 years

Nora Kauffman ‎(I1886)‎
Birth 1890 Ohio, United States
Death 1990 ‎(Age 100)‎
Mildred Lucretia Heath ‎(I1884)‎
Birth 7 March 1907 30 17 Ohio, United States
Death 3 April 1963 ‎(Age 56)‎ Pultney Township, Belmont, Ohio, United States